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"Obrigado Dom Um Romão" - "Jazz Journal" review

Review about "Obrigado Dom Um Romão" published in the November 2008 issue of UK's "Jazz Journal International", England's top jazz magazine.
Volume 61, No. 11, page 26

Ithamara Koorax & Peter Schärli
"Obrigado Dom Um Romao"

(1) Estate; Love For Sale; Aos Pés Da Cruz; Recado Bossa Nova; Vocalise; Miniature IV; (2) Manhã De Carnaval; (1) I Fall In Love Too Easily; Two And One; Prenda Minha (51.56)
(1) Koorax (v); Schärli (t); Markus Stalder (g); Thomas Dürst (b) November 19-21, 2006 Zürich (2) see text
(TCB 27702)

When the noted percussionist Dom Um Romao died in 2005 plans were already in hand for him to tour Europe with singer Koorax. The accompanying group was to be Schärli’s trio. In 2006 it was decided that the tour would go ahead but that no attempt would be made to replace this remarkable musician; instead, it would be just singer and the trio. This set was recorded while the musicians were in Zürich and it is clear to hear what a fine group they are. What they would
have been like with Romao is a matter of speculation. The repertoire here, on most of whichKoorax sings, blends jazz and Latin music with seemingly effortless ease. Schärli is a very good trumpet player, already well known in Europe and Brazil and clearly deserving of wide approval elsewhere. His solos are melodic and where appropriate they crackle with boppish
fervour. Guitarist and bass player offer excellent support and also have skilfully taken solo moments. Koorax is a very good singer, more Latin than jazz, but as her last records have shown she is comfortably at home in a jazz setting (for example, Autumn In New York, JJI October 2005). The (2) track comes from a berimbao solo line recorded by Ramao about ten years ago over which Schärli here improvises a soulful trumpet solo, and very good it is too. Altogether this is a very good set and you should look out for repeat appearances in Europe in 2008 by this singer and trumpeter. There are liner notes by Gino Ferlin (translated into English by Sylvia Müller) and Schärli. Excellent sound.
- Bruce Crowther

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